Arizona Electric Council

Consumer Tips

Electrical Safety Checklist

The Arizona Electric Council recommends this Whole Home Electrical Inspection checklist be completed by a licensed electrician every five years to ensure electrical safety in the home.

  1. Inspect the main electrical panel(s)
  2. Inspect the main breaker(s)
  3. Inspect circuit breakers
  4. Inspect for overloaded circuits
  5. Inspect Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs)
  6. Inspect ARC fault breakers
  7. Inspect electrical wire insulation
  8. Inspect grounding system
  9. Inspect the condition and operation of exterior lighting and receptacles
  10. Inspect the condition and operation of inside receptacles (switches and outlets)
  11. Inspect smoke detectors/alarms
  12. Inspect for proper surge protection
  13. Create a detailed assessment of any systems that might need updates or repair