Consumer Tips

Master Heat Pump Technician Designation

The technician that comes to your home to diagnose and repair or replace your heating and air conditioning system may have this patch displayed prominently on his uniform. You might ask yourself; What is a Heat Pump Master Technician?

The technical answer is that your technician has completed the Arizona Heat Pump Council's seven-course continuing education certificate program with exceptional marks, distinguishing themselves in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

The best answer is that a Heat Pump Master Technician is a highly trained contractor who is committed to bettering their education in the HVAC industry, so they can provide you with outstanding service for all your heating and air conditioning needs. Wherever you see or hear about the Master Heat Pump Technician Program, you can feel assured that not only your technician, but also the company that employees them are actively improving their skills.

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