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Electrical Safety Tips

Recommended Regular Maintenance
Electricity use in the home is a luxury that is often taken for granted. The lights come on and the appliances turn on when plugged into the wall socket, so it must be working, right? This may be the case, but homeowners should invest in regular electrical maintenance to make sure that;

A) Electrical wiring in the home is up to the current National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements
B) Unseen electrical issues are not endangering your family and home investments
C) Electrical issues are properly repaired to save money on energy usage in the home

The Arizona Electric Council recommends regular electrical maintenance including an annual Electrical Panel Inspection and a five year Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection is completed by a licensed expert electrician. It is also highly suggested that new homeowners have a whole home electrical safety inspection completed prior to moving, preferably before signing their contract to buy the home.

Do-it-yourself Electrical Safety
There are some safety checks you can complete in the home to ensure the safe use of electricity and to alert you if you need a professional electrician to investigate your electrical problems further:
  • Regularly check the condition of your power cords for damage. Cracked or exposed cords can lead to electrical shocks or start fires.
  • Check to see that extension cords are not overloaded, as indicated by the ratings labeled on the cord and the appliance. Overloaded extension cords could cause fires. Change the cord to a higher rated one or unplug some appliances, and remember that extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis and are not intended as permanent household wiring.
  • Appliances that frequently blow a fuse, trip a circuit breaker, or have shocked you should be unplugged and repaired or replaced.
  • If an outlet or switch is warm or hot to the touch, there could be an unseen electrical issue in that area. Stop using that outlet or switch and contact a licensed electrician to inspect your home. Call the Arizona Electric Council at 602-277-3736 for a qualified electrical contractor.
Also ask your contractor about:
  • Testing your circuit breakers
  • Safely securing all neutral, ground, and hot connections
  • Electrical Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Whole home surge protection

Please call 602-277-3736 to be referred to an approved professional electrician.