Consumer Tips

Energy Saving Devices

Many energy saving devices are available that can save you money in electricity costs within your home depending on the type of rate plan you use and the type of device. The rate at which electricity is being used (referred to as electrical load or demand) is measured in Kilowatts. The total amount of electricity used is measured in kilowatt-hours. The Arizona Energy Management Council has licensed, bonded, and insured contractors to help you decide which type of energy saving device is best for your home.

Below are some explanations of how these products can be used to save energy and the recommended utility rate plans to use with these devices:

  • Timers and Motion Switches (Sensors) are used on light plugs or electrical outlets to control the amount of time electricity is running to plugged in devices or for lights switched on to reduce "phantom energy" consumption.
  • Programmable Thermostats can schedule times to increase the temperature in the summer or reduce the temperature in the winter by a few degrees to save energy costs during times you are not home, overnight, or any time you do not need to use your system at full capacity.
  • Interlocks are used to prevent two or more large appliances such as the air conditioner and water heater from running simultaneously.
  • Load Controllers are electrical products that sense the total electric demand within a home. When the programmed demand level is exceeded, it will switch off electrical appliances in a pre-determined sequence. When demand is below the programmed level, the device will switch on the electrical appliances in a pre-determined sequence.
  • Demand Computers (Controllers) are programmable systems used to reduce the energy demand in your home for all electrical appliances during high peak demand hours such as between 4pm-8pm.

Call the Arizona Energy Management Council at 602-266-7283 to be referred to a home energy expert who can help you with your energy saving needs.