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Arizona Energy Management Council

Helping Your Home Keep Up with Your Demands Since 1988!

The Energy Management Council provides contractor referrals to licensed, bonded, and insured companies that provide a wide array of energy saving products and services.

Service Commitment
Each of our qualified contractors are checked regularly, all meet the same high standards of excellence, and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional home energy services.
Our contractors are trusted and used by your local utilities.
Find out more about our contractor service commitment.
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Review information and advice about Window Treatments, Insulation and Air Sealing, Energy Saving Devices and Home Energy Audits.

Our contractors can help you, whether you are looking to reduce summer heat or winter cold from entering your home through the windows by installing shade screens, window tinting, or awnings and canopies or want to completely replace you windows with high efficiency windows.

    • Solar Shade Screens block heat gain and protect the interior of your home from sun damage.
    • Window Film is a high reflectivity material that reduces the solar heat gain into your home.
    • Reflecting Coatings on the window glass reduces the transmission of solar radiation, blocking more light than heat into your home.
    • Energy Efficient Windows with increased insulation values, energy-efficient frames, and low-emissivity coatings can increase your home energy savings.
    • Window Treatments are not only for decoration these days. There are some window treatments that can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
    • Awnings and Canopies are outside shading that can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.
    • Security Doors and Screens not only save money on your utility bills, but protect your home.

Consider the cost savings of evaluating your home's energy efficiency as a whole through an energy audit/home performance test with a BPI Certified Contractor. Our licensed contractors are skilled to help you with all your home energy needs as well from testing duct leaks to installing insulation. They can also equip you with the right energy saving devices to meet your needs such as installing thermostats and/or load controllers.

    • Air Balancing/Air Flow can improve the conditioned air space so that all rooms are the same temperature, with better humidity control and improve energy savings.
    • Duct Test and Repair is a process where the air ducts are inspected with advanced technical equipment that checks for air leaks in parts of the cooling and heating system components. Repairing leaky ductwork can improve the overall comfort of your home and fix those hot rooms as well as save you money on your utility bill.
    • Energy Audits can help uncover some simple ways to reduce your household's energy consumption.
    • Insulation properly installed in your home not only reduces heating and cooling costs, but also improves comfort.
    • Home Performance Tests are performed by BPI Certified Contractors.
    • Duct Cleaning by a licensed HVAC professional can improve indoor air quality and extend the life of your HVAC equipment.
    • Energy Savings Devices such as timers and motion switches, programmable thermostats, load controllers, and demand computers are a few of the devices that can assist with saving energy in coordination with the recommended utility rate plan.

Please call 602-266-7283 to be referred to a home energy expert.