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Best Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Nowadays energy industry experts are recommending a holistic approach to making home repairs that will save on your home energy costs long-term. This list will help you consider a variety of services you can invest in that will seal your home envelope and ensure your home is running at peak energy efficiency while maximizing your home comfort.

1.   Install a high-efficiency SEER heat pump or air conditioner
2.   Have an AC/Heating service check-up performed twice per year by a reputable contractor
3.   Get the right size unit for your home
4.   Make sure your unit has the right refrigerant charge and airflow
5.   Repair duct leaks
6.   Insulate your duct work
7.   Add insulation to your attic
8.   Make sure you have adequate attic ventilation
9.   Place shade screens on your windows to reduce heat from the sun by about 50%
10.   Weatherize your home
11.   Use ceiling fans to circulate airflow in your home*
12.   Use a programmable thermostat*
13.   Add a timer to limit water heater run times*
14.   Limit water heater recirculation pump times*

*Due to many different plans offered by APS and SRP, these devices will increase your costs unless programmed to operate to maximize savings for your particular rate plan.

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